And so it begins

Hello internet? First blog! easy right? yes.

This weeks headlines:

FACEBOOK – the movie

Not bad, but Justin Timberlake.. reli? stick to the charts jimbo not feeling you on the big screen

RustInPieces ARK ROYAL: teeeeheeee looks like I managed to get out of the Navy at the right time ^^ skillz

OOOOO AND FINALLY ANDROID 2.2 for Orange 😀 installing as I type.. feeling more tingly than a grown man should about a phone OS update :/

!!!Personal Event Alert!!!

Obligatory moving house drama post (apparently a requirement for all blogs) BAWWWWWWW 😥 might be leaving Shepherds Bush.. thinking about a hammersmith flex… maybe.


anyone strugling with maths or science hit this man up if he’s good enough for Bill Gates and Google he’s good enough for you.

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